wedding photography

I've been involved in the weddings world for many years and getting behind the camera to start photographing them was something that came naturally. Starting with some friends, it quickly led to some other couples and wedding planners, wanting to trust in my work and vision.

I aim for classical elegance. Trends come and go, but overly stylized or processed images can quickly become dated. I shoot the feeling of each particular wedding day so that my photographs will still hold their power for many years. My best photographs come out of honest emotions: true moments are more powerful than poses.

I love shooting weddings. I feel truly fortunate to be the privileged witness of a marriage between two people. A wedding is an unrepeatable cocktail of experiences, moments and feelings; and staying with the couple all day long I experience it almost as intensely as they do. It motivates me and makes always do my best.

I have many images in the albums I have in facebook, where you can get a more accurate idea of how the final work looks like. You can see a few down here anyways.

Don't forget to click to see them in good quality.

Want to see more? I have another gallery with other (non-wedding) photos, and plenty of other albums in my facebook page.


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